Childhood Memories

What are three significant memories from your childhood?


1. Europe trip- My entire childhood I begged to go to paris and see the Eiffel tower. I remember telling people that I would go some day and hearing the same response “oh yeah honey, you’ll get there”. No one took me seriously when it involved my dream of travelling, especially in a small country town where most people went to community college and stayed local. What I didn’t know was that my parents were taking my dream seriously and working extra jobs to put money aside for the trip of a lifetime. As my graduation from high school came near my parents sat me down and explained that I wouldn’t be getting a fancy graduation present but that I would be going to London and Paris instead. My Dad wasn’t up for the trip so it turned into a girls vacation through Europe. I can’t thank my parents enough for the opportunity to see the world. This isn’t the only trip I have been blessed with. They have also taken me to the Bahamas twice, Bermuda, and all over the United States. For my parents culture, knowledge and experience played a huge role in their child rearing techniques and I couldn’t be more grateful. Eating ice cream on the top of the Eiffel Tower while the sun set into the fuchsia sky is a memory I will replay over and over again until the day I die.

2. Getting off the school bus- I use this memory as an example of my childhood repeatedly but it’s truly one of the greatest memories and traditions that I shared with my parents. When I was small and the bus used to drop me off at my actual house, not the entrance to the development, my parents used to meet me on the front porch every day. The memory that sticks out in my mind is one of a warm spring day towards the end of the school year. The time of year when windows were opened and a warm breeze would sweep through the house. I climbed down the stairs of the bus and saw my Mom standing on the porch smiling. My Dad was nearby in the yard, he stopped gardening and stood up to wave and blow me a kiss.  I threw down my backpack and ran across the grass, jumping into my Mom’s arms and feeling her swing me around hugging me close.  In that moment I was so glad to be home from school, with my parents, in the house I grew up in. To this day not much has changed. I love nothing more than to come home after being gone, jump out of my car, and run to the back door. There my parents always stand ready to embrace me and welcome me back into the house I call home.

3.Infamous Snow Day- My brother and I weren’t close growing up, that’s been said a few times. However, it wasn’t the fault of either of us. We are six years apart in age and were never growing up at the same pace or in the same stage of life. He was dating when I thought boys had cooties and he was serious about school when I was serious about boys. However, one particular day stands out in my mind when I think about growing up with Jon. It has snowed so we had off from school and we spent the whole day playing outside together. Having snowball fights, building a snow family and being dumb in the snow consumed our day. I remember thinking at the time how cool my big brother was and how much fun I was having spending the day with him. Since we’ve grown up I have more happy days with my brother than I can count and I’m very glad we started that list with a day in the snow.



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