Repairing Relationships & 20 Random Facts

Back again from another week in a different state! This time I was in Missouri and arrived home only a few hours ago. It was a great trip! We stayed in condos on a lakeside resort (as opposed to hotels) and it was my first race with my new team 🙂 I have not laughed as much in one week as I did with them and I am appreciative of the support and friendship I have found. 

Along with a great week come some tough times. It’s hard adjusting to a heavy travel job but as I’ve said before, I love this job, its what I want to do and I wouldn’t do anything but this job. I’m trying to figure out a way to balance everything and I still haven’t figured it out. It’s hard to hear my parents, roommates, friends, and family tell me how much they miss me on a daily basis. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have people in my life that miss me, it’s just hard to hear when I can’t do anything about it. I called an old friend and did some personal reflecting on what I can do to help these relationships. I think making more of an effort to pick up the phone, send a quick email, shoot a good morning text and remind that person that miss them would be a nice touch. So often it may feel like a one way street for those in my life, to constantly express their feelings without hearing anything in return. 

I’m trying to be more well rounded with the connections, relationships and time in my life. Life is too short to take even a second of it for granted and I need to fully grasp that concept. 

I have been doing a photo a day on Instagram (follow me “obeymegan” if you have one). A woman I follow makes a list for every month and each date is a single word. I love using my creative juices and inspiration from my day to come up with each post. I recently found a self reflection list that I might try to tackle each day as well. Some questions are very personal so I may do the list for myself and alter the questions I post on here. I have been very open with my postings, but some things still aren’t meant for everyone to know. 

Todays task is to list 20 random facts about myself:

1. I could eat chick fil a every day of the week
2. I hate passive aggressive personalities and either stay far away from those people or call them on their shit.
3. I am attracted to all things that glitter
4. I cannot fall asleep in an all dark room, I have to have a light on until I fall asleep, then it can be turned out.
5. I’m scared of dying
6. I would kill to be able to drink a whole glass of milk again
7. My dog knows all of my secrets
8. I tell people when I poop.
9. I hate when my finger nails and toenails aren’t painted
10. I don’t know how to use Mac computers
11. I would wear dresses and heels to work everyday if I could
12. I don’t like talking on the phone with other people around
13. I hate tomatoes but like ketchup
14. I am a homebody and would prefer to be in my own space more times than not
15. I am a sucker for daiseys
16. I am allergic to cats and dogs, yet I have a dog and live with two others
17. I love being in love more than I like being single
18. I hate cotton candy
19. The mole on my hip is one of my favorite parts of my body
20. I’m getting a tattoo before the end of the summer

There ya have it. Some of the questions on the month long list are more serious and some are fun. Hopefully you can learn something about me and I encourage you all to answer the question in your response! 

xoxo Meg


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