It’s been a busy couple of weeks! I finally have my bedroom back after 3 weeks of sleeping on my sofa and crashing on other peoples sofas. They had to redo a wall and replace carpet in half of my room. It feels like I have a brand new bedroom and the company is compensating part of my rent so I am satisfied with the outcome. 

I just got back from Colorado! It was incredibly beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit but figured I never would, leave it to Reed Street to make that dream a reality. I was worried about getting altitude sickness especially because we had to set up for the race and work hard on the day of the event, but overall I was fine. There were moments when I would become light headed and dizzy but other than that it was an easy trip. We spent some time downtown one night and I have to say that I had no idea downtown Denver was such a happening place. Thousands of people were lining the streets on Saturday night and it took us about 25 minutes just to drive about a mile to find parking. We had a blast though!

I leave for Seattle in a week and will be out there for 9 days. Things have changed at work and I am now on a different team so my races have changed for the rest of the year. After Seattle I will officially be working on the other team, but since I had a big part in the planning for Seattle I will still be considered on the lead team for this race. My new cities are St.Louis, Toronto, Baltimore and Texas. I’m so excited to see where this change takes me and I am excited to make new friendships and stronger relationships with people in the office. We have hired 5 new people in the last week! Reed Street is growing rapidly and we should be moving into our brand new office at the end of the summer as well. So many new and exciting things are on the horizon for us and I couldn’t be happier. 

On a more negative note, my throat is still causing problems and at this rate its looking like I will have to have my tonsils removed. Who knows when that will happen due to my travel schedule but after years and years of strep throat its finally happening and although I am terrified, I can’t wait to be healthy again. Its been very difficult to get over strep and all of the problems happening while working in Colorado and flying multiple times. Since I’m leading such a busy lifestyle I have to be healthy and in top condition so whatever it takes to get to that point, I am willing to do.

Please keep the people of Denver in your thoughts and prayers after a gunman shot and killed 14+ people at the Dark Knight premiere late last night. It’s hard to believe I was there just three days ago and something so tragic has just happened. I’m holding them close my heart today. Be thankful for those around you each and every second of every day and embrace every moment to the fullest. 

xoxo Meg


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