Going Home & Growing Up

It’s a strange feeling being an adult and going home, to the home you grew up in and made memories. The home where bones were broken, parties were had and milestones were made. Although I felt different driving through the streets of Laurel to my parents house, I had an overwhelming sense of calm. This is the place where I can be myself, let my hair down and be free. 

I spent two days snuggling the puppy, resting up from Indy, eating home cooking including pretzel salad, corn on the cob, pasta salad, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and hit the beach for a girls day with Mom. We had such a great time and it was exactly what I needed after a long week of work to go home and detox and enjoy my family. 

However, when so much is going well in life, you have to wonder when the bad will strike…at 5am this morning to be exact. My bedroom is in the basement and I was startled awake this morning from the sound of my sump pump alarm going off. Since I have the basement bedroom the pump is in my closet and thank goodness for the alarm going off or I would have never realized that my entire closet was flooded and the carpet outside of my closet was completely saturated. Five hours later, my room is completely cleaned out with the exception of furniture, my roommates spent their morning helping me make phone calls and clear out my room and simultaneously flew around getting ready for work and I am now waiting for the realtor to call me back and let me know when the plumber is coming over. 

I spent the last two days remembering my childhood and being pampered by my Mom only to have reality smack me in the face and remind me that I am now an adult and I can’t pretend to be a little girl anymore. Keep your fingers crossed that this works out and is kind to my check book. 


xoxo Meg


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