Indy has my heart

Let’s just say…Indy has my heart. I have never fallen in love with a city like this. I am a city girl at heart and love NYC for different reasons than why I love DC or Charlotte, but Indy as a great place to be in the last week. 

First let me start by saying it was HOT AS HELL. For my close friends and family who know how much I hate the heat, you would have died watching me out there in a field working for 10 hours a day preparing for this race. I was applying sun screen every two hours and downed about 8 water bottles a day. However, it didn’t matter, I fried to a crisp on the last day of set up week and am paying for it now. 

Race day went SO WELL. I was running production so I was in charge of the stage, making sure the emcee was reading his announcements and working the crowd, meeting up with the bands as they were arriving and helping them transport their equipment from parking to the stage. I had a great time meeting the 8 bands and connected with a few of them. I got some free cds and made new connections that I am so grateful for. Its positions like this that prove to me that I can do this and am doing good work. One band actually asked if I would consider coming on the road with them as a stage manager, I was incredibly flattered. We had bands play from 11am to 11pm and I never stopped moving. It was the best day ever and we had the chance to dance as it got later and enjoy the show. I went to bed happy 🙂

We were supposed to fly into Baltimore last night and my parents were going to meet me at the airport and drive me home for a couple days of relaxation but our plane was broken and we had to schedule a flight for first thing in the morning. Off to the Hilton we went and woke up at 4 to make our 6am flight. I’m packing and then driving home to spend time with Mom, Dad, & Mar. I’m also hoping to see some friends while I’m home and then its back to Baltimore on Thursday  morning.

Here’s to corn on the cob, fields for as far as I can see, pretzel salad and Bungalow 7 visits… I’M GOING HOME ❤ 


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