Hard Decisions

Sometimes in life you have to wake up, be an adult and make a hard decision no matter how painful it might be. Knowing that something isn’t going the way you want and taking it upon yourself to respect yourself enough to stop it, is hard. I commend anyone who can do it. Recently I had to make that hard decision. I had to respect myself, my dreams and goals and make the hardest decision I’ve ever made in love for myself. Life goes on, but this week has been a reminder that people can be here one day and gone the next. Remembering the memories and the way my life has been impacted is what keeps me going. Nothing in life should be negative or thought of badly, because in the end SOMETHING good comes from every situation. 

I leave for Indy tomorrow. I am even more excited than I was for Minnesota for a couple reasons. One being that my team is leading this race. We are the ones responsible for making sure the day runs smoothly. From what I’ve seen the course is amazing and the festival area is a huge open space for lots of music, dancing, and fun. I’m also excited to get away for a bit and not have to think about anything but work for 9 days. Set up weeks are nothing but long days and lots of work and honestly I love it. I never thought I would enjoy it so much but its like a mini vacation in a way. 

I fly home and my parents are picking me up from the airport so I can spend a couple days at home in Laurel! I cannot wait to have some time with them, enjoy home cooking, head to the beach, catch up with some friends and SNUGGLE THAT PUPPY OF MINE! Its going to be a much needed relaxing time at home. 

I’ll try to post once from Indy, but I don’t know if it will happen.


xoxo Meg


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