I Dare Ya!

What a GREAT WEEKEND! I cannot say it enough, I love living in the city, I love my job, I love my new friends, I love my family ❤

Friday was a fun day! Instead of going into the office, we all met at Mothers in Fed Hill (where I live) and had lunch before testing out what is soon to be a new component of Reed Street Productions. We spent the day in the city completing dares such as “run along with a stranger running” or “propose to a stranger and have them say yes”. These were all captured via video or photo and I have to say we all had such a good time. It was especially neat to be able to test out something that will be implemented within the year and hundreds of people will be doing exactly what I just tested. It’s such a cool feeling to know how important you are to what could be a huge hit. I was so grateful to spend the day with my co-workers who are quickly becoming my second family. I always have a great time and we ended the night dancing our butts off at Powerplant. 

Saturday Amber (my roommate) and I went to Honfest which is in Hampden. It is a celebration of the working woman and everyone was dressed up in their 50’s attire with beehives and polka dots. We dressed up as much as we could but it was also 98 degrees so wearing a cardigan and full skirt was not an option. There were so many local vendors, we got a ton of swag and I found all of these new companies on facebook so I can stay up to date with deals. I’ve been looking for a decently priced place to get my hair done and we really connected with a girl who works at a salon and offered us specials on our next visit. I love how small the baltimore community feels when its really not that small. 

Saturday evening I went out to some bars around home in Fed Hill since I hadn’t done it yet and saw how busy the  nightlife really is. I wanted to go out for a drink and enjoy the night, thinking it wouldn’t be crowded until later in the evening. Boy was I wrong! At 9pm the bars were hopping and we could barely make it through some of them! I went with work friends and ended up meeting up with more work friends. 

Sunday was a special day because Frankie and I don’t get much time together. We spent the entire afternoon together enjoying the DC Zoo (the heat, not so much) and had Peri Peri for dinner which is MY FAVORITE. 

Today was a great work day as well which is hard to come by on a Monday. I felt like a contributing and successful member of the team which equals a great day to me. Amber is away enjoying tropical paradise for the rest of the week so Kelly and I walked down to the harbor and enjoyed the gorgeous night. We watched a street performer, went in a brand new candy shop, did a little shopping at H&M and ended the night with overpriced Ritas Italian Ice. Please do not buy it in the harbor, I almost died when she told me my total. 

I leave for Indy on Sunday so I will most likely post once or twice before then so keep an eye out 🙂

xoxo Meg


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