Making a house a home

I’m starting to feel like I really do live in the city. The first week here I felt like I was on vacation, then I lived in Minnesota for a week and now I’m back. Kelly bought a sofa so we have that in our living room, with a chair, some end tables, a lamp and our tv. We also bought a kitchen table tonight and I have to say I’m proud of myself for putting some of it together (I’m not usually that good with a phillips screw driver). For my first real house I think this place looks amazing! All that we need is some artwork and little things here and there but for the most part its starting to feel like a real house.  My bedroom is also coming along nicely. I bought new bedding and have one box left to unpack. 

This week at work we are doing the final preparation for Indy and I leave next week for my second set up week. It won’t always be this crazy and I won’t be travelling this much all the time. After Indiana I won’t be taking another week long trip until the beginning of August. I’ll travel once in July and it will be for 5 days max. I’m looking forward to some fun in July 🙂

Work is an adjustment. Its hard going from my college event planning job where I knew how to do everything, made a lot of the calls and had an answer for everything to a new place where I don’t know how things are normally ran and I don’t know the procedure for a lot of things. I’m asking so many questions and I am learning SO much every single day. Sometimes its frustrated, but mostly its gratifying to learn something on a Monday and apply it on Tuesday. 

This weekend should be fun and it’ll be my first weekend in the city. Tomorrow is like my Friday, because on Friday my company is going into the city and testing a new program that will be starting in the fall. We are spending the day testing, eating lunch and dinner together and then relaxing at a bar later in the night. Saturday I’m going to Honfest with my roommate and some friends and we are dressing up. Check it out at Saturday night I might hang out with people from work and then relax with Frankie in the evening. Sunday is what I’m really looking forward to, sleeping in then having date day with my love. We are going to the DC Zoo and then having a night together and eating a nice dinner. Its so hard to find time to see each other when we both work different hours and since we are both in the event industry we work weekends. We see each other as often as we can though, and I have to admit, it makes me more appreciative for the time we do have together. 

My posts might become a little more sporadic since I’m not doing enough each day to fill an entire blog post. I’m guessing my next one will be Sunday evening or Monday. Check it out then 🙂

xoxo Meg


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