Happy Friday!Ye…

Happy Friday!

Yesterday was a BUSY day! At work I had to follow up with my ATV contact, talk to a country man in Indy about getting firewood, had to find barricade tape, hoses, nozzles, and barricade fencing. I was super proud of myself because my task was to find barricade tape for cheaper than what we are already paying. When we buy in bulk its hard to pay the higher prices. I found it for less than half of what we were paying, saving so much money, I was very proud of myself. 

We went on a team lunch and I had the chance to get to know my team better. They consist of my two team leads: Thrill & Shoe, and two team members Olivia and Bolling. Most people in the company go by their last names since there are so many repeat first names. 

The truck for the MN race left yesterday as well so I had to take my suitcase over to the warehouse and drop off my suitcase and get the chance to see them loading the truck with all of the RFYL (Run for your lives) gear. SO COOL

Overall it was a great day at work, fast paced is what I enjoy the most. When things are moving slowly I get bored easily. After work, I hung out with Kelly and Amber while Kelly unpacked her room (she is officially moved in!!) until Frankie came to pick me up. I hadn’t seen him since Monday so I was super excited. We went to Fells Point and met his friends Ryan and Andrew at a sushi place, I just ate some rice.

After dinner we wandered around Fells Point checking out the bar scene. Its beautiful at night. Cobble stone roads, cute little restaurants and a nightlife I can’t wait to experience. Sadly, we had to leave around 10 since I have to get up at 630 in the morning for work. 

I can’t wait to see what today has in store for me 🙂

xoxo Meg


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