Yogi Castle Goodness

Today was overall SUCH a good day. After sitting in traffic for two hours yesterday I realized that I need to play around with different routes at different times of the day. I drove through the city and the harbor today to get to work in the morning and it paid off. Not only did I get to work in thirty minutes but I was able to check out the buildings and people watch while sitting at lights. 

Work was great, an even better second day because I could figure out what tasks needed to be completed where as yesterday I had no idea what to do to keep myself busy. I spent the day listening to bands so we could compile a list of the artists we want to invite to play at the Apocalypse Party. It was fun to sit in my boss’ office and listen to bands for an hour and have the ability to give my input on which ones should make it to the festival. I spent the rest of the day searching for firewood vendors in Indy and talked to some nice people with gorgeous southern accents and one man who thought I was from the area and proceeded to give me turn by turn directions before I could tell him that I was from MD and had no idea what he was talking about. 

Going home, I took the Baltimore tunnel and was home in thirty minutes as well. What a nice thing, to be home so quick! Since getting off work I’ve gone to the store, had yogi castle (frozen yogurt with toppings you can add) with Amber, and my friend from college stopped by. She is moving to Fed Hill at the end of July and will be a COUPLE STREETS AWAY! I can’t wait to have a friend so close, we are already planning on going to games and festivals and running together. 

The rest of the night will be spent packing for MN since the truck with my suitcase in it leaves tomorrow morning from MD! 

I want to try to do a quote each day and leave you with it. PS. I bought a KINDLE! Now I can sit in the airport and on the plane and read without worrying about a bulky book. 

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. – Henry Ford


xoxo Meg


2 thoughts on “Yogi Castle Goodness

  1. I got a question,

    How come you have to have your suitcase ready days in advance to be put on a truck? Can’t you take luggage with you on the airplane? Or you sending stuff in advanced and then packing another suitcase for the stuff u couldn’t pack this early like toothbrush and such?

    Glad you found a much better way to and from work today.

    • Two people drive the big truck out that has the stuff for the race, wood, signs, tents, etc and to make it easier we put our suitcases on that. I’ll take a carry on which will have my toothbrush and other stuff I’m still using. But my clothes, sun block, hat and bug spray will be on their way to MN in the morning!

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