First Day on the Job!

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who sent me sweet texts and heytells today wishing me good luck and checking in to see how my first day went! I was overwhelmed and was so appreciative of the support I was given!

My first day was awesome. I found out that the event coordinators are split into two teams, each team has two team leads (senior event coordinators) and 3-4 team members (me). The team leads serve as boss figures to the team members. I met them today, met my group members, had a brainstorming session about live zombie post cards, visited the ware house that holds all of the race gear, had lunch with some of my co-workers, and called about 20 places in Indiana trying to find a company that will rent us ATV’s for the Indy race. I was actually able to work some contacts that I have in Indiana to see if I could get the job done. I learned that my team is responsible for leading the Indy race which means 9 days in Indiana at the end of June to prepare for the race and execute it!

Coming home was a bit more difficult than I expected though. My gps hates me and decided to take me through the city, so instead of getting home at 6, I walked in the door at 7:30 flustered and starving. 
Lesson #1: store food in your car in case of traffic. Thank goodness for Amber who promptly put dinner on table as I walked in the door.

After dinner we took Amber’s dog, Rocky, to a nearby park and walked around enjoying the gorgeous night. We a found a cool pub on the way back from the park and plan on visiting it in the near future. 

I’m excited to see what tomorrow holds!

xoxo Meg


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