Culture Shock

Today is my first full day in the city, Baltimore to be exact. It’s weird to wake up in a new place that’s not the Oakhill Townhouse I’ve lived in for the past 2 years at college or my parents house in the country. It’s far from home (I still have four boxes to unpack) but I’m slowly beginning to see the pieces that made up my previous life, come to life in this new space.

My house is AWESOME. Exposed brick, hard wood floors, great windows, not bad for my first place. I’m living with two girls that I met through a friend from college. Both Amber and Kelly work in the city and I will be travelling about 10 miles (20 minutes) outside of Baltimore to my work.

Speaking of work, for those who don’t know, I will be working for Reed Street Productions. They are a small and very young company operating from White Marsh MD. I will be an event coordinator and will be working on the Run For Your Lives 5K Races. The beauty of this job is A. I’m doing what I love and am in the career field I wanted to be in B. I am dealing with all things zombie related C. I get to travel! Each month we will be coordinating one, sometimes two, races in different parts of the country.

Here is the breakdown:

June 2- Minnesota
June 23- Indiana
July 14- Colorad0
August 4- Washington
August 18- Missouri
September 1- Pennsylvania
September 22- Toronto
October 20- Southern California
October 27- BALTIMORE, MD
November 17- Florida
December 15- Texas

I cannot wait to visit each of these places and START MY CAREER!

Today I woke up and got a little bit of a slow start. It was weird to wake up in a different place and I was in a bit of a funk. By noon I was ready to be brave and tackle the daunting task of figuring out what stores were near me and trying to find a grocery store! Thank god for my Garmin gps for escorting me to all the places I needed to get to today. I drove to work, rewarded myself with ChickFilA nuggets, went grocery shopping (got lost on the way back and ended up driving through the city) and got home in one piece and ran a few errands along the way. After unpacking multiple boxes I am exhausted.

Tomorrow if my first day at Reed Street. I’m nervous but so excited. I have no idea what to expect and honestly don’t want to even wonder what it will be like because there is no way I can predict tomorrow.

My quote for the day:

“Its takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.” -E.E. Cummings

xoxo Meg


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